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KTS Quarter Horses

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Loping Hackamores

These are Handmade!


I can make these loping hackamores to order.They are $150.00 a piece/ I may lower the price if you order more than 2. The reins usually measure 6ft in length give or take a few inches. The rope bosal is made of a soft lariat rope to give enough firmness without being to harsh on the nose. I can have them ready in about a week. Thats buying the materials, making them, and having them boxed ready to mail.


The ones I've already made are about average in size. I can make them larger or smaller if you like. Just give me the measurements. I can also make the reins longer if you need them to be.

Please E-Mail me with any questions you might have. I use these hackamores more than my bridles. the horses seem to really like them and if I'm in a hurry or just don't feel like bridling up my horse, I just throw one of these on and go! They are so handy to have around. I learned how to make these from the cutting horse trainer I used to work for. He gave me one when they moved and I thought it would be a good idea to let others enjoy them as well!

Please E-mail me at or call me at 1-816-739-1212 with any questions or to order. Thanks

KTS Quarter Horses, 670 SW 1601, Holden, Mo, 64040